Let’s revolutionise the wine-by-the-glass markets

Pimp My Beverage is committed to the development and implementation of innovative wine preservation and dispensing systems.

Welcome to Pimp My Beverage

Quality consistency to the last glass
Wine protected by food grade nitrogen
Controlled temperatures of white and red wine
Perfect programmed measured pour
R.S.A (Responsible Service of Alcohol)
Saves time and money
LED digital temperature display
Eye-catching streamlined customer appeal

We partner with highly recognised and respected wineries distributors and agents, such as;

Trentham Estate Winery / Delatite Wines / Do Adams Wines / The Wine Company / Armadale Cellars / Hotel Agencies.

About Us

It saves wine. It protects brand integrity. It saves money.

It is becoming more and more evident that people are drinking wine by the glass in licensed restaurants, hotels and bars.

Pimp my beverage has launched and innovative wine by the glass dispensing machine right here in Australia to provide wine by the glass in perfect condition.

We have recognised the benefits of this concept and it will send the hospitality industry into a buzzing frenzy!

From the moment the wine bottles are connected onto the dispenser, the wine is protected by food grade nitrogen, therefore eliminating the problem of oxidation.

This ground breaking technology ensures the quality of the wine remains consistent to the very last glass.

Our dispenser has wine temperature control that can be adjusted at the touch of a button.

For example
* White wines between 4 -7 degrees.
* Red wines between 14 – 16 degrees.